Monday, October 28, 2013

Ducks, Family, & Faith

Without a doubt Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows on television at this moment! Not to mention that we DVR this show on Wednesday nights, and sit down as a family to watch it on Thursday evening. It never fails, we always end up rolling on the floor with laughter. Well, we don't really roll on the floor, but you get the idea. 

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The thing I most admire about the Robertson clan is there faith. No matter what anyone else says, they won't cut the part of them praying together at the end out. That is so nice, and refreshing to see a family standing up for what they believe in. 

They say "The Family that Stays Together, Prays Together", and that has proven true for the Robertson's, and for my little family. We may fuss, and argue a little, but we come together in the end. 

 I couldn't think of better role models in this day's society than the Robertson family. Let's be honest for one second, who doesn't love Uncle Si, and his crazy Nam' stories! I will take that any day  over seeing some half-naked pop-star twerking on top of some guy.

If you've been wondering about this show, or have been hesitant about watching, don't waste another second worrying! This show is family friendly, and you'll be rolling with laughter by the end of it. 

I am looking forward to another season of laughter with the Robertson clan! I'm going to end this blog post with golfing wisdom from none other than Uncle Si.

Love always,

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