Friday, October 25, 2013

Taking the Dave Ramsey Challenge & Life After Debt

For me, and my family taking the Dave Ramsey challenge definitely wasn't easy. It has been a long, hard road, but we are all finally out of personal debt!!! (*insert happy dance here*) 

But that has only been the beginning of the financial journey..........I had gotten my baby emergency fund established, and Murphy came knocking. Hard!! 

In August I started my college classes so I could finally get a degree. It turns out my old computer could not support programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud I had to have for my Computer Graphics class. Major problem: I'm doing my classes online, and I can't make the times the graphic design has open lab. I work full time during the morning hours. 

My financial aid wouldn't kick in until about 2 weeks after school got started, so I had to drain my emergency fund to get a new computer. I literally wanted to throw up in the Staples store after he gave me my total. 

Countless other money problems have followed since then, and have left me down in the dumps. I know I can rebuild my emergency fund, but it took me the first half of this year to save that money up. And I was hoping to have a fully funded emergency fund by May of next year. Nobody tells you that life gets harder after debt, and that you're going to be tempted on a daily basis to "borrow" money. But I've realized borrowing money, and using credit cards are the worst decisions to make.You may think you have a handle on that credit card, but one false move may end up costing you your entire savings. 

I use to have a credit card so I know. Parents, take it from a daughters prospective, DO NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS A CREDIT CARD! If you want to teach them money values, make them work for it! I've had to work since I was 16, and it wasn't fun, but it taught me a lot. I still make a lot of money mistakes, but they great thing is, I'm only 25 years of age. So I still have time to correct these financial mistakes, and life a financially peaceful life. 

This is not an easy journey for me whatsoever! But it's worth it to change my family tree. 


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