Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hope for Haiti, and Baseball in a Time of Cholera

There is place that I dream to go. A place where the traffic can be worse than in the states. A place that in some parts of the country there are no roads at all. A place where there are so many broken people. A place that I sponsored a beautiful little girl in.
That place is Haiti.
This is Auguster Olda. She was in 1st grade when this was taken. It would be so neat to meet her, and see how she has grown!
Going to this place would mean taking a giant leap of faith, and overcoming more fears. I have never been on a plane. I rode up and down on a helicopter when I was little, but that was about it. I remember some of it, but not all of it. I have never traveled past the states that surround me. I've always wanted to be a traveler, but the money has just not been there(It soon will be, and major props goes to God Almighty, and Dave Ramsey!).  Going to Haiti would also mean overcoming my fear of shots. I know that when you head out overseas, you have to be vaccinated to protect yourself from the disease that take place. Disease that we can easily fight here in the states, but they can't. They simply don't have the technology, the doctors, and clinics that we have here. The Haitian people are still suffering from a massive Cholera outbreak that happened after the major earthquake. 7,000 are dead, and over 500,000 are carrying around the disease in their body. I watched part of this documentary this morning, and I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing. Watch the video to see what I mean. 

"I love my life".

That statement gets to me. In the midst of what is going on. In the midst of sorrow, strife, disease, death, and poverty. He loves his life. Wow.

Joseph and his brother even made bracelets for Japan. Because they were in a similar situation in January 2010. There heart was to help others, even if it meant only raising $10 to send a plastic bracelet they made. Wow. Seriously. We complain about silly things every single day, but these people are really suffering. God has given people like Dave Ramsey the knowledge to help us get out of debt. He has given doctors knowledge to help us fight disease.
Seriously? What is our excuse? 
We need to start realizing the amazing freedom we have here in America.
We need to realize who has blessed us, and that is our God Almighty.
We need to realize that our forefathers came over here and established a Christian nation.
We need to realize we can do something to make a difference in our own nation, and in nations like Haiti.

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